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Kitchen sink overflow due to the blocked drain

Top 5 Signs You Need to Call a Blocked Drain Plumber

Your plumbing is one part of your home life you never want to worry about, but when things go wrong, it’s important to get on top of the problem straight away. Blocked drains and pipes are some of the most common plumbing issues you’ll face at home. Luckily for you, many professional plumbers are available to help 24/7.

Blocked drain plumbers specialise in clearing blocked drains. Using the latest specialised equipment and modern techniques, they know exactly how to diagnose the issue, formulate a plan, and execute it in a way that offers a clear solution at a transparent price. Whether it’s minor blockages or a full-on burst pipe, you can rely on emergency plumbers to fix the problem.

This leads us to today’s question; how will you know when you need to get in touch with plumbing professionals? Read on to learn the five major signs of a blocked drain to look out for – call your local licensed plumbers if you notice any of these signs in your home!

Why You Should Never Leave A Blocked Drain Alone

Like many problems in the home, sometimes it’s tempting to leave a potential blocked drain alone in the hopes it might fix itself. Here are a few reasons why this is never a good idea:

  • Clogged drains can accumulate bacteria and other nasties. Still water will become a breeding ground for bacteria and germs, and if it backs up and flows out of the drain, this can become a health hazard for you and your family.
  • They can cause leaks or even burst pipes. A build-up of pressure may become too much for your pipes to handle, which can cause the water to burst out into your home or garden.
  • A blocked pipe can cause water damage to your home. Pipes that leak inside your walls can stain them and even cause dangerous cracks and mould. A severe leak that is left alone may even weaken the structural integrity of your home.
  • Badly blocked drains can affect the flow and pressure of your water. A build-up of sediment in your pipe means the flow of water will be impacted, which can affect how you clean and shower.
  • They can attract insects and other pests. Stagnant, dirty water can easily become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and may even attract small critters like rodents, becoming a major health hazard on your property.

You can avoid all of these potential concerns by addressing a blocked drain quickly. Not only will you prevent damage, but a clog in the early stages will be much less expensive for you to fix than any of these full-blown catastrophes.

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Kitchen water flooded on floor due to the blocked drain

5 Signs That Can Indicate A Blocked Drain

Here are five of the most common signs of a blocked drain you should keep an eye out for.

1. Slow Drainage Of Sinks

If you notice your bathroom or kitchen sink draining slower than usual, it may be a symptom of a blocked drain. While it may seem like a small matter at the time, slow drains are an early warning sign you should take advantage of.

As long as the water is still draining, it’s a sign that your pipe is only partially blocked. That means this is the perfect time to call your emergency plumber for a quick fix!

2. Gurgling Sounds

Gurgling noises may sound funny, but they are one of the telltale signs of a greater problem in your pipes. Unusual sounds are caused by pockets of air in your pipes trapped in the sediment blockage, which are then pushed up through the draining water.

These trapped gasses can sometimes be harmful, so the moment you hear any strange gurgling noises in your drains, cease using the pipe and get in contact with a drain plumber to clear the blockage.

3. Unpleasant Smells

A foul smell emanating from your drains is a warning sign that there is something in there that has become trapped and is starting to rot. Food waste and grease that has been poured down sink drains are the most common culprits of bad smells, which is why you should never dispose of them down the drain in the first place.

Once you notice a bad smell it’s likely other critters have noticed too, and these unpleasant smells can attract pests to your pipes. Prevent all sorts of health hazards by getting in touch with expert plumbers the moment you notice any funky smells in your pipes.

4. Sudden Leaks

A pool of water where you don’t expect it is often a sign of a leak in your pipe, which can be caused by a badly clogged drain. You’ll often find these puddles underneath pipes, outdoors or near a drain in your bathroom or kitchen.

Leaks can lead to stagnant water, which is dangerous for a variety of reasons. When you suddenly step into a random water puddle, it’s time to call the experts. Emergency plumbers can find the source of the leak and stop it at its source.

5. New Sinkholes

If you’re outdoors and notice a newly forming sinkhole, it can be a symptom of a leaking pipe underneath. Sinkholes are very dangerous and can destabilise your home, not to mention unexpectedly stepping into one can lead to injury.

A blocked drain that has burst underground is a very common cause of a sinkhole, so contact a plumber when you discover one to prevent any further damage to your property.

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Kitchen sink water overflow due to blocked drain

Pipes To Keep An Eye On

You have a lot of piping in your home, and some are more likely to become clogged than others. Here are the drains you’ll need to pay close attention to in case they become blocked:

  • Sewer drains – these are the drains you really don’t want to clog, as the overflow of sewer drains is extremely hazardous for your health. Sewer pipes usually overflow onto your front yard or driveway, often as a nasty surprise when you wake up in the morning or when you get home from work.
  • Stormwater drains – a blocked stormwater drain means rainwater isn’t being removed from your property. When this water leaks out into the soil, it can cause dangerous sinkholes and destabilise your home. It can also cause rising damp and mould growth along your walls and floor.
  • Kitchen sink drains – these are some of the most common types of blocked drains, as they are caused by food particles that have been disposed of incorrectly. After handwashing a lot of dishes, it’s easy just to pull the plug from your sink drain and let the food straps drain away. Don’t take a shortcut –  prevent this by using a plug with a grill to catch food scraps in your sink drain, and always pour old cooking oil or grease into a jar that you can place in the bin when full.

  • Shower drains – hair is the most common culprit of a shower drain blockage, although dirt can also become trapped in these pipes. Make sure your shower drain is designed to catch hair and always place it in your bathroom bin after a shower – we know it’s gross to pick up, but leaving your shower drainage issues alone to cause a blockage will be even worse, trust us!

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